Saturday, April 21, 2018

Indoor Flexible Industrial Acoustic Sound Barrier for Soundproofing

AcousticBarrierFactory is located in the South China economic center -- Guangzhou. We are a comprehensive company which integrates research, production and sales as a whole. Our company is mainly engaged in all kinds of acoustic barriers, outdoor barriers and other acoustic products.

Indoor Flexible Industrial Acoustical Noise Barrier for Soundproof

1.Available in many widths and thicknesses
2.Choose from 10 different colour PVC.
3.flame resistant version available
4.Simple to fit to a ceiling in workshop

With scientific management, we have a modern inner management system and a group of high level professionals. Insisting on the principles of customers' satisfaction is our best advertisement and faithful cooperation and professional service, AcousticBarrierFactory has already established favorable relationships with many clients at home and abroad.

Acoustic Barrier Products

Acoustic Barrier Factory Sound Proof Pu Foam Insulation Blanket
Acoustic Barrier Polyester Fiber Sound Proof Insulation Blanket
Custom-Made Industrial Workshop Sound Absorbed Wall Acoustic Barrier
Flexible Hot Sell Outdoor Noise Barrier Sound Barrier for Sale
Soundproof Material Inserted Acoustic Barrier Fencing for Highway
Rubber Sound Mat Noise Barrier Shock Absorbent Sound Proofing Floor
Based on our efforts and support from customers, our acoustic insulation roll business scope has covered Canada, Senegal, Malaysia, Lithuania, Brazil, Russian Federation, India, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Honduras, Vatican, etc.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Barrier Reduce Airborne Sound Insuation Material

MLVinsulation is a professional mass loaded vinyl manufactory. MLVinsulation is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of MLV and vibration damping products, and we are a high-tech company, being able to provide customers perfect sound insulation materials.

MLV Barrier Reducing Airborne Noise Insuation Materials

1.Easily to cut, saw & trim
2.Aesthetically pleasing
4.Excellent sound insulation

Our Products

Best Insulation for Soundproofing Acoustic Wall Insulation Panel
Interior Acoustic Soundproof Door for Cinema, Studio, KTV
Sound Absorbing Material Acoustic Isolation Sound Proof Pads
Wood and Steel Soundproofing Door Acoustic Board Wall Panels

We are based on the domestic market, aiming at expanding foreign market, so our sound proof material products are popular in the market of Sofia Bulgaria, Albuquerque United States, Nice France, Bogotá Colombia, Ankara Turkey, Kagoshima Japan, Southampton United Kingdom, Winnipeg Canada, Tel Aviv Israel, Katowice Poland, Pretoria South Africa, Seattle United States, etc.
Some of our MLV High Quality Vinyl Barrier To Block Sound Between Walls Ceilings Floors Machinery projects are Taishan City Government Office, Zhuzhou City People's Congress Conference Room, Yichang Town Hubei Province, Hong Kong St Stephen's College Sports Center, Sichuan Conservatory Of Music Performance Hall, Jardine House in Xinjiang, etc.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Present Situation of Media in Nepal

Nepal is a developing country and media is also the part of the nation. Consequently media is also in the developing phase. In the past, there was general feeling of lack of knowledge, skill, efficiency, and dedication but comparative improvement has been seen today. Media has been much progressed in developed countries with the implication of scientific technologies. Nepal is still a developing country which is still behind in this prospect. Though theoretical knowledge is not fully implied in applied field, a few signs of progress are noticed. A Competitive environment has been created and there is still a lot to do. Our technology is centered on viewing TV. We need to have feeling of confidence and co operation and should have collective commitment in the search of new technologies and research but here rather than qualitative, quantitative development has happened. So this thinking is to be changed for the development of media in Nepal.

My last option

I am 25 and I don’t have a job till now. I did some time in a handicraft retail shop and then an investment agency where I found out about commodity trading. I found it to be quite like gambling where you analyze the future trends and then make a prediction whether the price of that particular commodity (we only used to trade in gold). I made some investment also there but all went in vain. After the loss, I was kind of thinking that commodity trading is not for me but I was wrong. It is one of the best things that I’ve landed upon and now I see the future of it real good.
But this time I am not going to invest like before. I am going to invest in metals though. I’ll buy gold bullion and silver and then wait for the appropriate time to sell them. I won’t be trading online as it involves too much risk. Real time is a better choice I think. I’ve researched a lot on this and I’ve collected as much information I could from on gold investment. I think I should give it a try as I don’t see any other places for investment these days. So, what do you guys think? Shall I give it a shot?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring of hope – Compiled For You!!

At the end of despair dawns there is a clarity in which one is almost happy. Hope is that thing, with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words. Never stopping at all, yet sweetest in the gale is heard. Misfortune is just an occasion to demonstrate character. Fight back as there is a law in life, when one door closes, another opens for us. We do not become free by refusing to acknowledge something above us but by respecting something above us. As long as hope remains, only the coward will despair.

The most distant goal is attainable to them who hope wisely. The boldest and most ridiculous has sometimes been the cause of extraordinary success. Hope walks with life, only in death hope ends. So, what is man finally left with?? That is nothing other than hope!! So be a hopeful person and not a hopeless one……………

Rato Machindra Nath

A few decades ago, the Kathmandu valley became a purely commercial hub; it was an agricultural land which totally depended upon the rainy monsoon for its important rice crops and other paddies. Today although traditional farming practices have dwindled, the pre-monsoon season still finds great worship made to Rato Machindra Nath “The Rain God” Which makes rainfall for the cultivation of rice and other crops in the valley.

Streets of Patan and the durbar square complex were made even more evocative by wavering lamp and candle lights. Women became busy in cooking feast and men gather to pull the chariot of their red diety. The Whole monsoon season is celebrated as a festival. As lord Machhinra nath views his chariot, its four wheels representing the powerful bhairabs receiving rice vermillion powdered, the king of serpents are asked for blessing and rainfall is made. On this occasion the jeweled dress of Machhindra nath is also shown to public as the part of the festival.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A place where my frens reside.

In these few months the entrance preparation classes which I attended became the most memorable moments spent with my friends. Everyday we went to thea institution was just to freak out with friends. That institution more than a place to study but became a place where me and my frens can reside and have fun. Those cafes and malls, those window shopping and all those kandas we did are just memorable. A café near to that institution at putalisadak became a best place for my friends to reside where we could make our own world. Sitting over there we solved many problems of our life as well as found many good friends and ate so much of food that the staff of that café will always remember us and we will always remember that tasty food, hmmmm.Those days in the café made that café an important place of my life where my friends reside

My Dreams, which came true

Everyone have their own dreams and wishes and I also had too. I always had a dream that there will a loving guy in my life who will love me forever in my life and who will fulfill all my wishes and in the course of time I found my boy.

People believed that dreams never came true but dreams are the hypothetical world where we try to fulfill our wishes which can’t be fulfilled in our real life. But my dreams came true when I met him. In our first meeting I never thought he would be that person who will fill my world with happiness. But as I spent more and more time with him I came to know he really loves me and I was also in love with him and can’t live without him. He showed me another phase of my world, fulfilled all my dreams. Before saying and asking he fulfilled all my wishes and dreams and loved me so much which I have only thought in my dreams. Now I think no other guy would have been so loving and caring to me, how he had been and how he is to me… as it is said pairs are made from heaven I met my right person in right time so we are happy today.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: United States Gold Bureau

The whole world is going thru economic crisis and people are running like rats do when there’s an earthquake. Everyone is like where should I make the right investment so that their money isn’t wasted and I don’t get broke. One of the places where people are investing is on gold. It is almost certain that gold is never going to crash out like share market. There might be some amount of ups and downs but its price is almost sure to increase.
It’s an urgent time and due to urgency people might be easily scammed. You got to be aware and you got to know the place where you should and where you shouldn’t buy your gold bullion from. United States Gold Bureau is the place which you should give a visit if you really want to be on the safer side of gold buyers. They have the information and they are giving it out to you free of cost. You can also learn how to invest in gold as this can be a risky business you’re going to invest on. If you want recent updates on gold, all you need to do is sign up for the free Gold Monitor Newsletter and you will get the updates in your mailbox. So, do log on to is you really are looking for a change.

Movies Of AAmir………..

I have always loved to watch movies. But movies never meant just time pass for me but it have always been inspiring and encouraging for me in some context. I always take some good knowledge and information which a movie tries to give. But since I have watched “Rang De Basanti” of Aamir Khan which shattered the soul of every youth, he has been a inspiration for me. After that in his every movie I have seen some good points which can be utilized in our life to make our life better. So nowadays I mostly prefer to watch movies of Aamir Khan.

Today I watched 3 idiots, in the movie a message was repeated again and again till the end and concluded in the same message that “We should become educated but not Book worm And We should be successful ourselves but not running after successful persons”. I liked it very much so I will try to get knowledge from books but wont try to live like a bookish person who always thinks books are correct and other people are incorrect which can may be lead me to success in life…………

So, I like movies of Aamir……….

Chocolates- My favourite

Chocolates which is said to be a junk food is one of my daily food. Although it is considered as junk food but due to having more calories it provides energy to our body. so for a person who don't likes to eat more heavy foods i think it is a good option. According to the research and scientist chocolates are good for health if the chocolate contain more cacao powder than the sugar as its ingredient. sugar can increase the starch level in our body which will increase fat so it may b harmful but coco powder is not like that it is natural n healthy. It is also found that chocolates eaten in moderation can lower the blood pressure of a person.
But for me i love chocolates because they are good time pass for me. whenever you are hungry you can just open a packet of chocolate and eat it. It can also be gifted to your near and dear ones. It is the easiest gift i have ever found to gift to my boyfriend. Gifts of chocolates molded in different shapes can be easily found in the market. chocolate bunnies, eggs, chocolate coins and chocolate in heart shape boxes are easily found in the market. Chocolates has become one of the most popular food type and flavor in the market and it is one my favourite too.